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Investments – CNTI is a company focused on good location!

What to invest? “The stock market badly,” “most of the investment fund loss-making”… and the real estate market? Location, location, location – that guided the business domain of all investors, therefore, each investing in real estate around the world are aware of the fact that it is the location plays a significant role in the success of the purchase.

Current and planned investments of CNTI – Zbigniew Czajka

Sopot, ul. Chopina

current investment

Last prestigious choice for value tranquility, relaxation and convenience of city life yet. The only one location?

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Dźwirzyno Plaza Park, ul.Wyzwolenia

current investment

Effective use of our property is a continuation of the investment aimed at PARK PLAZA strategies for the years 2012-2015.

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Gdynia Orłowo, ul.Pekuna

planned investment

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